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Social Media Content Calendar

Looking for a way to easily plan your social media content?


Perfect for business owners, social media managers, content creators, freelancers, virtual assistants & anyone.

This Social Media & Content Planner is perfect for staying organised and planning your content in advance, you can edit via Google Sheets. It's also suitable for sending to clients to approve and write notes about each post & make it accessible to everyone and multiple team members to collaborate at the same time (you won't have to pay for sharing!)

With this content calendar, you can

● Plan your content month by month

● Make copies every month

● Change the fonts, colours and dates

● Change the content pillars

● This will help you plan your social media content no matter the platform in a uniformed, organised and timely way.


Let's get planning!

Add in your images, captions, hashtags, locations, time of posting, etc.

Approval Options: copy changes, content changes, approved tick boxes (perfect for teams) 

The download will include the Excel spreadsheet and a link to the google sheet where you can make your own copy. *You do not need to have Excel to be able to use this template.

Social Media Content Calendar


    Once purchased you will receive a PDF file with the link to the Calendar and a link to the google sheet where you can make your own copy.


    Please purchase carefully, no refunds are available.

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